Your People are

your Priority

Seamlessly Connecting Businesses to Medicare

Elevated Solutions for Today's Challenges

Your people are your priority. SmartConnect helps you become a stronger advocate for the Medicare-eligible adults you serve. Adding our one-of-a-kind Medicare enrollment services to your benefit offerings helps retain and attract employees, clients and members by demonstrating the long-term value you provide. As your trusted partner, we uncover cost savings and additional benefits that save money for your people and your organization — backed by over a decade of industry leadership.

Medicare Solutions for Your People

Our concierge Medicare education and enrollment service provides personalized support and guidance for anyone seeking a simple way to explore their Medicare options. No matter your industry, we have a solution designed for you.



Discussing Medicare isn’t easy

Medicare is a difficult topic — but it doesn’t have to be. Our Medicare experts focus on the needs of your employees by comparing their current coverage to a variety of Medicare options to unlock potential benefits and savings, all as an extension of your benefits offerings.



Protect your membership

SmartConnect works with your members individually to find solutions that meet their needs. We help ensure that your members get the most from the benefits they’ve been working so hard for all these years.



Stand out from the competition

Benefits packages are always evolving, and SmartConnect is your secret weapon to ensure you stay ahead. There is no extra cost for you or the businesses you work with to use our service.



Irresistible member benefits

You advocate for your members through personal development, networking and problem solving. We help you take advocacy to the next level through Medicare guidance exclusive to your members.


Financial Advisors

A holistic approach

Health insurance is a financial decision. For fiduciaries and advisors looking to help their clients save money on expensive (and often unexpected) health care costs, our solution can help extend the protection of your client’s overall financial wellbeing.


Business Owners

Above and beyond

As a business owner you wear a lot of hats; a Medicare expert doesn’t have to be one of them. We’ll work with you to design a system that works for your business and your employees. Our service integrates seamlessly with your existing benefits package all at no cost to you.

How It Works!


We get to know your organization

SmartConnect is all about true, lasting partnerships. We don’t replace the benefits you offer — we enhance them, working with you to implement solutions that help your organization.


We provide free resources and consultations

Your people can connect with us at a time that works for them. We explain everything and help compare their health insurance options, free of charge.


Enrollment and ongoing support

When someone finds a plan they like, we handle the enrollment process for them all on one easy call. And our services don’t stop there. We also offer annual policy reviews and ongoing support.

Why SmartConnect?

Our One-Of-A-Kind Program:

Reduces health care costs (for your business and your people)

Adds value by expanding your benefits package

Extends the service to an employee’s family members at no extra cost

Frees you from having to understand the complexities of Medicare

Puts a team of licensed insurance agents at your service

Delivers curated Medicare resources

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