What We Offer

Easy Seamless Integration

SmartConnect is an extension of your offerings. We explain everything about Medicare through on-demand, co-branded resources and live licensed experts. We offer insurance plan cost comparisons and enrollment services at no cost to the individual or company.

We help your organization understand Medicare and provide clarity to your people and their families


A World of Coverage Options

We connect you to a variety of Medicare plan options, to save your people money and increase their benefits, including:

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Advantage plans

Dental, Vision, and Hearing plans

Prescription Drug Coverage


Critical Illness: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke

Hospital Indemnity

Always-On Resources

We give you access to on-demand, curated educational materials (including FAQs, guides, webinars, and more) allowing your people to explore Medicare when it works for them. Or they can call us to get one-on-one assistance year round.

Benefits GPS

SmartConnect’s Benefits GPS is a digital one-stop-shop for anyone interested in making the switch to Medicare coverage. Visitors can download Medicare resources and learn about Medicare plan options available in their area. The goal is to empower your people to feel confident in taking the next step.

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Educational Assets

Interested in including information in your benefits packet? Want to post a flier in the break room or keep a stack on your desk? We have you covered. We will provide you with an extensive library of co-branded, educational assets covering a wide variety of topics.

Email Campaigns

Email is an effective way to meet people where they are. We provide you with email content to engage your people through your preferred technologies. Additionally, we offer tailored email campaigns that keep our service top of mind. If someone is ready to move to Medicare, or would prefer to wait, we have email strategies to communicate with them effectively.

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Direct Mail

Our Hi-Trust certified platform ensures that your people’s information is always secure. We partner to create vetted, accurate mailing lists to reach your people on this highly effective channel — directly in their mailboxes.

See what our customers are saying


I'm very grateful for the representative who took the time to explain to me the plan that I needed. Great customer service!


My husband and I both turn 65 this year and he got us signed up together to in order to receive a "family discount."


The representative was professional as well as knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered in words I could understand..


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